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The Advanced Search page can be reached by clicking the link in the navigation bar, in the top pane of any page.

Briefly, to perform a search enter your search term(s) in the Search bar, specify any other requirements or restrictions as described below and click SEARCH to proceed.

A group of four check-boxes below the Search bar allow you to specify the types of content that you wish to include in your search. Any combination of Bibliography, Chapter title, Full Text and/or Author is possible.

Search Type

A group of three radio buttons in the left-hand pane allow you to specify the type of search that you wish to perform:

  • Standard search (the default option)
  • Pattern search, or
  • Adjacency search

The standard search will find plurals and compound words that include your search term. The Boolean AND operator will automatically be applied to multiple search terms unless a different operator is entered in the Search bar.

For example, 'Romanticism Coleridge' will only find results that include both terms, but 'Romanticism OR Coleridge' will find results that include either term and 'Romanticism NOT Coleridge' will find results that include Romanticism but not Coleridge.

Pattern search allows you to find results even if you are unsure of the exact spelling of your search term. Select the degree of precision you would like to apply from the drop-down box.

The adjacency option allows you to specify how closely together multiple search terms should occur by selecting the maximum permissible number of words between terms from the drop-down list. This search type can be used to find phrases, sentences or paragraphs that deal with all of your search terms, but to exclude long chapters in which all the terms happen to occur. The ‘exact match’ option can be used to find particular phrases.

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